Miller, Sidney

Sidney Miller

Born: 22 October 1916, Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
Died: 10 January 2004, Los Angeles, California

Sidney Miller attended Lawlor Professional School. He was a child actor and continued in the business as an adult, also directing movies and the Mickey Mouse Club.

From the November 19, 1936 Lawlor Journal:
Dialing Around: Sidney Miller is heard occasionally on Sunday afternoons on Joe Penner’s broadcasts

From the February 11, 1937 Lawlor Journal:
Dialing Around: Heard Sidney Miller on the Joe Penner show Sunday. His Jewish dialect is good but his voice sounds too immature.
– – Jay Morely

From the March 15, 1937 Lawlor Journal:
LAWLORITES IN RADIO SHOW: Sidney Miller, Tommy Bond, and Jay Morely are heard regularly on the Gus Edwards program, over KFWB.

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