Nunley, William “Bill”

William Nunley "Bill" 1948
William Nunley “Bill” 1948

William Nunley “Bill”

[Note: Bill’s name is spelled Nunley in the 1948 Mar-Ken Yearbook with his senior photo; Nunnley with his biography entry; and in the 1948 Graduation pamphlet it is spelled Nunely.]

From the 1947 Junior Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Name – Bill Nunley
Born – Ill. July 3
Saying – Retire
Ambition – Dido
Pastime – Eating
Talent – Weightlifting
Can You Imagine – Bill Nunley not being sleepy?
Nickname – Willie

From the 1948 Senior Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Name: Bill Nunnely
Born: July 3
Ambition: To retire
Talent: Weightlifting
Sport: Boxing
Hobby: Eating
Saying: Ditto
Song: Manana
Feature: Height
What if – – Bill stopped boxing?

From Quatrains in the 1948 Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Bill Nunley likes to box it’s said
And o’er the ropes he’s often tread
But this doesn’t his knowledge deter
In school we know he’ll cause a stir.