Pappalardo, Frank J. “Sonny”

Frank J. Pappalardo
Frank J. Pappalardo

Frank J. Pappalardo “Sonny”

Born: 13 March 1920
Died: 21 Sept. 2007, age 87, North Hollywood, California

Attended Mar-Ken school in 1937-38.

Frank was a professional musician, playing with many of the big bands, and was known as the “best triple-man in the business.”

From an April 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
HEAR YE, HEAR YE, big and small, I’ve got something to tell you all. Did you know that every night Frank Pupulardo uses his bow, Yes sir, he plays the violin in the orchestra at the Wilshire Bowl. So every night, don’t forget, Tune in to station K.E.H.E. and listen to Frank play the violin with Les Parkers orchestra.