Peterson, Owena

Owena Peterson

From the 1946 Mar-Ken Intermediate & Junior High School Yearbook:
•Owena Peterson is Junior High School Semester I class Vice-President.
•CLASS AMBITIONS: Owena Peterson it seems likes to travel as she wants to become a foreign nurse. Owena has been thinking of this ambition since she was three years old.
•Among her contributions to this Yearbook is this poem:


Peace is something we are looking for,
And striving so hard for, too.
Peace is something we adore,
We hope we can keep THIS peace true.

We don’t want any more strife,
Not even just a quarrel,
The world has spent its life
Getting in one big snarl.

We want to stop all debate,
And make our country agree
That to make this real United States,
We must work together to be free.

Owena Peterson

[See the 1946 Yearbook for more credited contributions by Owena]

From the 1947 Freshman Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Name – Owena Peterson
Born – Princeton, Ill. – Aug. 6
Saying – Oh fudge
Talent – Voice
Ambition – A doctor

From the 1947 Freshman Predictions: Owena Peterson will be a doctor

From the 1948 Sophomore Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Name: Ownea Peterson
Born: August 6
Where: Princton, Ill.
Ambition: Doctor
Pet Peeve: Saying “Boef”
Talent: Voice
Saying: Whoopee
Can you imagine: Owena Peterson not going to shows?
Owena Peterson confesses: I’ve always wanted a musical yo-yo.

Owena was Vice-President of the French Club, Le Circle Francais, in 1947.