Redlich, Camille Victoria (“Cam”) (Dreyfuss)

Camille Redlich 1954
Camille Redlich 1954

Camille Victoria Redlich (“Cam”) (Dreyfuss)

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See her picture in the 1953 Mar-Ken Jamboree.

Camille Redlich taught junior high school classes at Mar-Ken School in 1957.

From the 1952 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Cam Redlich
Class: Sophomore
Ambition: International espionage
Special Interest: Eating
Suppressed Desire: Go on a safari into Brazil
Saying: “Allright already”

From the 1953 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Cam Redlich
Birthday: December 18
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Class: Junior
Ambition: Social Service Worker
Special Interest: Going to book stores
Suppressed Desire: Travel
Favorite Saying: “Well now I think – – – – – -”

From the 1954 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Cam Redlich
Birthday: December 18th
Birthplace: Chicago
Class: Senior
Ambition: Go to Scripps
Special Interest: Books
Suppressed Desire: To be a book in Dr. Baxter’s pocket
Favorite Saying: “Do we have to know this, Mrs. Hamlin?”

Camille Victoria Redlich was Student Body President & Valedictorian – 1954.