Rehfield, Jerry

Jerry Rehfield

Born: 24 August 1926, Glendale, California
Died: 17 February 2003, Carpenteria, California

Jerry Rehfield was a professional ice skater who performed in many shows in the 1940s, including Frosty Frolics. He taught figure skating at several Hollywood studios during the heyday of the film ice skating spectaculars. He continued coaching many National Champions. Jerry was also successful at producing another kind of champion – orchids. He was a judge for the International Orchid Society, a hybridizer, and the owner of Starbek Farms. He was married to Louella and they had a son and a daughter.
– By Alan H. Simon, for

From the September 28, 1942 Mar-Ken Journal:
•Jerry Rehfeld is on the Mar-Ken Journal Staff for this issue of the school newspaper.
•Jerry Rehfield is a new student at Mar-Ken. His summer was spent in “The Hollywood Ice Revels”

From the October 13, 1942 Mar-Ken Journal:
Many Mar-Ken students are on the road – Jerry Rehfeld is in the Sonja Henie show which starts in Indianapolis soon.