Reynertson, Joan

Joan Reynertson

From the January 24, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
Joan Reynertson is the Unit of Study reporter on this issue of “Grades” [school] insert.

From the September 27, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
•Joan Reynertson is the co-Circulating Manager for this issue of Mar-Ken Journal – “Grades” [school] insert.
•Class Organization: The Junior High room, this year, has been organized according to the United States government. The election was held by ballot. The results are as follows: Legislative Department: Representative – Joan Reynertson.
•Joan was at Yosemite this summer.

From the October 11, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
Joan Reynertson edited the column “You and I, From Primary to Junior High” for the school newspaper. She was also one of the reporters on the story about the fifth through eighth grades trip to the library.

From the October 25, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
Joan Reynertson is the News Editor and is one of the reporters for “You and I; From Primary to Junior High” in this issue of the school newspaper.

From the November 8, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
Joan Reynertson is the News Column reporter for this issue of the student newspaper.

From the January 10, 1941 Mar-Ken Journal:
Joan Reynertson is the Unit of Study reporter for this issue of the Mar-Ken Journal.

From the 1941 Mar-Ken Primary & Junior High Yearbook:
Joan Reynertson was a student Representative in the Legislative Department of the student government at Mar-Ken Junior High. She covered Unit of Study as a Mar-Ken Journal staff person, and was also Editor of Units for the Annual. For the Annual, she co-authored an article on Communication. In the Last Will & Testament in the Yearbook, one of Joan’s fellow students “leaves her flutter brain to Joan Reynertson. (Hoping it will bring her down to normal.)”

Joan also won first honorable mention in the Robert Browning Poetry Contest given annually through the University of Redlands. Her poem is “Some Day,” and it appears in the Yearbook:


How do you fly? I asked a bird one day
That flew up in our apple tree to sing
Oh that, he chirped and sang about the spring
And then he winked his eye and flew away,
I asked the waves upon the rocky bay
How did they said the boats out to the sea?
They only splashed and ran away from me,
They left me there, and would not answer nay.
Some day I’ll find the answers, then I’ll know
Just how the birds can fly and sing so sweet.
I’ll sail upon the ocean deep and blue
To find the ships that ride when north winds blow.
I’ll learn just were the sky and ocean meet
And when I know, I’ll come back home to you.

From the 1942 Mar-Ken Primary & Junior High School Yearbook:
•Joan Reynertson was in the Eighth Grade in 1942.
•Class Ambitions: Joan wants to have a farm and raise animals. She is very serious about this ambition.
•Famous Sayin’: “May I please have another assignment, huh? Oh, that’s easy.”
•Class Preditions: Joan………….By all means she will be either a school teacher or maybe even the principal of a school.
•Joan wrote “My Ambition” for the 1942 Yearbook:

Some people would think that my ambition is rather silly. But I don’t! My ambition is to get a huge farm and take baby wild animals and tame them. I want to devote my life to animals. I don’t know why I like them so, I just do! I am gong to collect a large variety. I think the reason I like them so is because they are so helpless. When an animal is thirsty it cannot walk to the faucet and get a drink. It has to wait until someone decides to give it a drink. Sure…lots of people like animals and they feel sorry for them, but do they do anything for them? No! There are thousands of animals ruthlessly killed every day. In South America they save their old war horses, starve them and put them in a ring with a bull, for the bull to gore. I want to help the animals of the wild. Foxes for instance! When the Wardens find a mother or father fox they shoot it and leave the helpless babies to starve, or be devoured by other animals. I want to help the wild animals because no one knows what cruelness is done to them. I want to help all animals that need help. Animals seem to have some means of communication with one another. Therefore, I want it known among animals that my farm is a place where they can find refuge, peace, and contentment for the rest of their lives.

From the 1943 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a Freshman:
Freshman Predictions: JOAN REYNERTSON may be Tarzaness of the Jungle, an alluring Lamour of the South Seas, that certain debutante —- on the radio (Acting Versatility).

From the 1944 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Joan Reynertson is Treasurer of the Spanish Club.