Roberts, Theda Mae

Theda Mae Roberts 1935
Theda Mae Roberts 1935

Theda Mae Roberts

Born: 22 November 1922, El Paso, Texas
Died: 1 April 1978, Sherman Oaks, California

Attended Lawlor Professional School 1927 – 1937

Used professional names of Mary Hart, Lynn Roberts and Lynne Roberts. This beautiful actress was a leading lady in many Western movies with Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and other major stars in the 1930s into the early 1950s. Her first performances was as a child vaudeville performer with her older brother, John Roberts. Due to her young age at the beginning of her studio career, she falsified her age and reported her birth year as 1919. She was actually born in 1922.

From the 1935 Lawlor Professionals:
The ad in the casting book has a photo of Theda Roberts and indicates that she is a musician and available for stage or screen castings.

In the May 24, 1937 Lawlor Journal:
This is in the Senior class meeting minutes: “We learned much to our sorrow that our own little Lynn Roberts would not be with us any more, therefore nominations were in order for a new secretary for the class.”

In the September 30, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
Betty Jean Hainey recently finished “Billy The Kid Returns” with our former pupil Lynn Roberts re-named Mary Hart.

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