Schlensker, Billy Lee

Billy Lee Schlensker

Stage name: Billy Lee

Born: March 12, 1929, Indiana
Died: November 17, 1989, Riverside, California

Billy Lee was enrolled in Meglin School at the age of two. Meglin School emphasized professional entertainment skills. Ethel Meglin saw talent early in Billy and he was taught to sing, dance, act and play musical instruments. She stayed involved with Billy through the early 1940s. Billy also attended Lawlor Professional School for his academic education.

Billy was under contract with Paramount, but loaned to other studios. He acted in thirty-nine movies from 1934 through 1943. Billy also performed in vaudeville, singing, dancing and playing instruments.

From the 1940 Mar-Ken Primary & Junior High Yearbook:
Billy Lee wrote about the third and fourth grade Audubon Club in this Yearbook.

From the November 20, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
THANKSGIVING VACATION: Billy Lee is going to Tijuana for the holidays.

From the 1941 Mar-Ken Primary & Junior High Yearbook:
Billy Lee was in the fifth grade in 1941. He co-authored, Our Trip to Forest Lawn. He played the part of John Paul Jones in a classroom ‘radio’ production and wrote about it in the Yearbook.

From the 1942 Mar-Ken Primary & Junior High School Yearbook:
•Billy Lee played a child in the school’s May Day play.
•Sixth Grade Predictions: The stars say Billy will be a “wolf” or “lady killer.” Right now he’s in between.
•Famous Sayings: Billy… “Good Night”
•Class Ambitions: Billy says he will be a playboy when he grows up.

From the September 28, 1942 & October 13, 1942 Mar-Ken Journals:
Billy Lee is a sixth grade reporter for Junior High Section of these issues of the Mar-Ken Journal.

From the October 13, 1942 Mar-Ken Journal:
MOVIE NEWS OF THE WEEK: 7th and 8th Grade: Billy Lee saw Are Husbands Necessary, and liked it.

From the 1943 Mar-Ken Primary and Junior High Annual:
•Nicknames:  Billy Lee – “Chatterbox”
•Predictions 21 years from now: Billy Lee will be a comedian.
•What would happen if – Billy Lee would become a woman hater?
•Billy Lee served on the Journalism Typing Committee.

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