Shiells, Ted Edwin

Ted Edwin Shiells 1959
Ted Edwin Shiells 1959

Ted Edwin Shiells

Born: 10 November 1942
Died: 23 June 1966, Los Angeles

From the 1955 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as an 8th grader:
Name: Ted Shiells
Birthdate: November 10
Birthplace: Hollywood
Class: Junior High
Ambition: Manufacture sporting goods
Hobbies: Swimming and collecting
Suppressed Desire: Get a boat
Nickname: Ted

From the 1956 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a 9th grade Freshman:
Name: Ted Edwin Shiells
Birthdate: November 10th
Birthplace: Hollywood, California
Class: Freshman
Hobby: Collect airplanes, coins
Suppressed Desire: Own a boat
Nickname: Ted
Ambition: Decorator
Expression: You can’t borrow my pen

From the 1957 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a Sophomore:
Name: Ted Shiells
Birth: November 10th
Place: Hollywood
Ambition: Director in T.V.
Suppressed Desire: Own a yacht
Interest: Coins and knives
Favorite saying: ” I don’t know”

From the 1958 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a Junior:
Name: – – – – – – – Ted Shiells
Birthdate:- – – – – – November 10th
Birthplace:- – – – – – Los Angeles
Hobby – – – – – – – Coins
Favorite Saying: – – – How’s Copper
Suppressed Desire: – – Own a boat
Ambition: – – – – – – Be a director

From the 1959 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a Senior:
Name: Ted Shiells
Birth Date: November 10th
Birth Place: Hollywood, Cal.
Hobby: Horses
Suppressed Desire: To own a ranch
Ambition: Be a director
Favorite Saying: Have you seen my El Camino?