Spellman, Patricia

Patricia Spellman

Married name: Patricia Alexander

Patricia is the sister of Donald and Martin Spellman.

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Patty told Mar-Ken.org that she attended Mar-Ken School “in the house on Franklin for a short time, probably in 1942 during her junior high school years.” She had been at Venice High School [it went from the 7th through the 12th grades at that time] and transferred to Mar-Ken as her brothers were there, but she didn’t like it as she was interested in sports and art and “you had to be smart to go there.” So, she returned to Venice High School where she graduated in 1949. She recalls little about the school except that her brothers, Donald and Marty, liked Mar-Ken. She also remembers the students’ gong horseback riding in Griffith Park – she believes out of the Pickwick Stables.

– by Alan H. Simon for Mar-Ken.org