Sues, Leonard

Leonard Sues

Born: 3 April 1921, El Paso, Texas
Died: 24 October 1971, Los Angeles, California, age 50

Leonard Sues was considered a child prodigy on the trumpet when he attended Lawlor Professional School in the late 1930s. He combined his musical skill with acting and appeared in at least twenty five movies from 1936 to 1949, performing alongside Lawlor students Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. He formed his own band and had a successful career as a musician.  –  By Alan Simon for

From a 1936 Lawlor Journal article, “In the High School”:
Leonard Sues is featured every week on this popular radio show [Marco Dog Food program].

From the November 19, 1936 Lawlor Journal:
Leonard Sues is back in school after working for four weeks in the Paramount release, “Mind Your Own Business.”

From the December 3, 1936 Lawlor Journal:
For spending exactly 25¢, my friends – one quarter of a dollar – I had the privilege of seeing the “Greatest Little Show in Hollywood”. I am referring to last Sunday night’s Lawlor’s Revue. Such a display of talent couldn’t be found in anything less than one of Busby Berkeley’s superb dance creations.
Zeal and zest was added to the program by the three M.C.’s – Gene Stockwell, Leonard Sues and Al Hill. But the highlights of the evening were Betty and Harry McCabe, Eric Evans and Marvin Ravitz. Eric favored us with “Arise Oh Sun” and “The Way You Look Tonight”. Marvin did “Pale Moon” and “Lolita”, and Betty and Harry – well, you should have been there! With three encores, they practically stole the show. I think Leon Janney deserves honorable mention at this point. To say the least, he had us in hysterics for maybe ten minutes, and I heretofore state he can darken my doorway anytime he wishes. The others were also splendid.
•DIALING AROUND: Ye editor [Al Hill Jr.] will be heard on the Marco Dog Food program Saturday night at 8, over KHJ. Other Lawlorites on this popular childrens’ show are, Jean Porter and Leonard Sues. We enjoy Ray Erlingborn’s style of M.C. work.

From an April 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
•Leonard is the Editor of the Mar-Ken Journal; he wrote a column called “Hot Notes” about the musicians who were in town and what they were playing.
•Leonard “Swingy” Sues, (Mar-Ken toy Trumpeter) made quite a hit with his special arrangement of “When Day is Done,” “Saint Louis Blues,” and “Sugar Blues” at a recent show given at the Los Angeles Business Men’s Club. Also on the program were Virginia Verrill, and the famous Brian sisters.

From a May 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
STAGE, SCREEN, AND RADIO: Lucky Boy, this Leonard Sues. This week he is on the 20th Century Fox lot working with that heart-throb Tyrone Power in “Suez.”

From the September 30, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
Buddy McCallister, Buddy and Florence Pepper, Peggy Stewart and Leonard Sues worked in Deanna Durbin’s latest picture “That Certain Age.”

From the October 11, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
ALUMNI: Leonard Sues is appearing nightly at the Grace Hayes Lodge, and from all the reports is a huge success.

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