Van Cleve, Patricia

Patricia Van Cleve

Married name: Patricia Van Cleve Lake

Born: 18 June 1923
Death: 3 October 1993, in Riverside, California.

Patricia’s parents are actress Marion Davis and Publisher William Randoph Hurst. This was not known to the public until after Patricia’s death, although there were rumors about it for years.

Patricia attended Lawlor Professional School and later married actor Arthur Lake.

In 1940, Patricia Van Cleve was named a WAMPAS (Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers) Baby Star of the Year, as a young starlet “who during the past year had shown the most talent and promise for eventual stardom.”

Patricia did the voice of Blondie on the show with the same name, along with her husband who played Dagwood Bumstead on the popular radio version of the comic strip.

From the February 11, 1937 Lawlor Journal:
Notre classe, le A10 Francais, a maintenant trois nouvelles eleves. Nous sommes toutes filles. Nous sommes neuf. Les trois nouvelles sont Bonita Granville, la fille qui joue au cinema, Gloria Hoffman, et Patricia Van Cleve. Bonita est tres bonne en Francais. Elle parle merveilleusement, et avec un accent magnifique.

Nous aurons un nouveau piece appelle “le Voyage de M. Perrichon” Ce semestre prometdetre tres interressant. Eh bien, e’est tout.

A. Bientrot,
Marilyn Gates

[English translation of above, from]

Our class, French A10, now has three new students. We are all girls. We are new. The new three are Bonita Granville, the girl who acts in movies, Gloria Hoffman, and Patricia Van Cleve. Bonita is very good in French. She speaks marvelously, and with a splendid accent.

We will have a new play called “The Voyage of Mr. Perrichon.” This semester promises to be very interesting. Oh well, that’s all.

So long,
Marilyn Gates