Zaner, James

James Zaner "Jimmy" or "Jim" 1942
James Zaner 1942

Born: 27 March, 1925, Cleveland OH
Died: 15 March, 1998, Huntington Beach CA

Last name is sometimes spelled “Zahner.”

From the September 30, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
Jimmy Zahner worked with the “Dead End Kids” in “Little Tough Guy”.

From the December 16, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
WHAT THEY WANT FROM SANTA CLAUS – Jimmie Zahnner: He wasn’t here

From the Mar-Ken 1940 Yearbook, as a Sophomore:
JIMMY ZANER – This likeable chap was born in Cleveland, Ohio, March 27th. Jimmie’s hobby and leisure time are spent in the airplanes industry, and from all the rumors I hear he is close to his first solo. He is fond of good music and dislikes wine-women-and horses. But, I wouldn’t count on that, if I were you. His favorite song is “Night and Day”, and book he choses is “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. I think Jimmy could give Dale Carnagie a few pointers on that. He is interested in History and Science. Green is his favorite color and his ambition is to own his own studio.

From the September 27, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
SNOOPER: Seen at the Player’s Restaurant Saturday night were Jean Gordon, Jimmy Zaner, June Jerome and Dick Kurtze. Must have been one of the evenings they didn’t get to the Ice Follies. // AND – Have you noticed Jimmy Zaner’s new wardrobe. It’s really something!!!!!

From the October 11, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
Jimmy Zaner was elected Treasurer of the Junior Class.

From the November 20, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
•Mar-Ken Makes Date with Chester: Our highly esteemed 11th graders tonight are giving a thanksgiving party, it is reported that it will be a bang-up of a party. The dinner which will be served will consist of Chicken, Potatoes, and Corn Bread. In a private interview Jimmy Zaner, said “Chester will be on exhibition tonight. Look for him, he’ll be in the middle of the table by the potatoes.”….
•SNOOPER: Seen ridin’ ’round town was Jimmy Zanor in that new fangled automobile of his’n – – pretty snappy fella!
•THANKSGIVING PLANS: Jimmy Zaner – – Stay home and try to forget his love life.

From the Mar-Ken 1941 Yearbook, as a Junior:
And now to a curly-headed lad you all know so well – – Jim Zaner. Jim was born in March in Cleveland, Ohio. His favorite sport is boxing and his favorite song is “Night and Day”. His hobbies are flying and carving and his ambition is to be a writer, producer, actor, and director.

From the March 14, 1941 issue of the Mar-Ken Journal (student newspaper):
Jimmy Zaner – Considered one of Mar-Ken’s most popular students, Jimmy is a member of the eleventh grade, and has held many offices since he started at “ye halls of learning.” Spending most of his time before the camera, Jim is unusually energetic and is usually planning something worth while….

From the Mar-Ken 1942 Yearbook, as a Senior:
Jimmy Zaner
Jim wants to be a successful director, writer, producer. His hobby is keeping his library, and his favorite sport is boxing. He likes “Night and Day”, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, and Play Reading, but if you’re out with him, don’t be surprised if he says, “Let’s stop and buy some pretzels”. Crunch!!

From the September 28, 1942 Mar-Ken Journal:
ALUMNI NEWS: Jimmy Zaner is making good in the art department at the R.K.O. studios.
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