Mar-Ken Seal
Mar-Ken School seal, 1937

Lawlor Professionals’ School
Viola F. Lawlor
6107 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, California
(1937, Los Angeles City Directory)

On November 8, 1937 Mar-Ken School was incorporated
(CO173498 – California Secretary of State).



In 2004, Gerry Morgan wrote about the May 27, 1937 letter sent to her by her classmates on a day she was home sick:

Alan—Wanted to share with you what I just found in my drawer. Don’t know where it came from and where it was before we moved out here in ’97. Anyway, thought you would be amused to read this letter that I discovered.

May 27, 1937 letter sent to her by her classmates
May 27, 1937 letter sent to Gerry Morgan by her classmates.

What a wonderful find. It adds new names to our list of Mar-Ken students, as the letter predates the yearbooks from which most of our names have come.

6107 Franklin Ave.,
Hollywood, Calif.,
May 27, 1937.

Dear Gerry:

We are all sorry to hear that you are ill and hope you get well very soon. We will all be watching for you on Lawlor’s front steps.


Kuulei De Clercq
Billy Simcock
Carol Ruoff
Jean Armstrong
Camille Chan
Paul O’Driscoll
Gwen Brian
Cynthia Friedman (our new little girl)
Suzanne Hill
Billy Neutzel
June Gertler
Milada Rose
M.E. Anderssen

(The rest of the class were
absent today.) Best Wishes!

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