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Summer School in Mexico

In the 1950’s, Mar-Ken School conducted an academic summer school in Mexico which included a Spanish language immersion component. On June 30, 1954 a local San Fernando Valley newspaper ran the following article:

Novel School Conducted in Mexican City

Inaugurating a new summer school policy procedure, the Mar-Ken School of Sherman Oaks opened its six-week session in Mexico this year with classes convening Monday in Cuernavaca where spacious quarters have been engaged by William Kent Bessire, Director of the school, at Calle San Geronima 16.

A motorcade of 16 students, accompanied by Bessire and faculty associates, departed from the mar-Ken hacienda at 14050 Magnolia Blvd., on June 30 for Tucson, Ariz., on the first leg of the motor trip.

Students in the party include: Jayne Cox, Andrea Davis and Herbert Oles of Van Nuys; Kathy Hilton, Tovert Kris and Sheldon Chavin of Sherman Oaks; Gale Shindler, Marcia McKeegan and Michael Kreisberg of North Hollywood; Celeste Weiller and Michael Klier of San Fernando; Patricia Mann of Toluca Lake; Lynne Porter of Northridge; Robert Kewell of Arcadia; Robert Jones of Canoga park; and Richard Clark of Beverly Hills. Margot and Peter Grade of Mexico City will join the group in Mexico.

Mrs. Tema Shults Clare, assistant professor of botany at the University of Southern California and Laurence Feldman of the University of Ohio are accompanying the group as members of the faculty which will be augmented by an associate language professor from the University of Mexico for special instruction in conversational Spanish.

The itinerary from Tucson to Cuernavaca will include El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Camargo, Durango and Guanajuato, Mexico.

At the conclusion of the summer school session on Friday, Aug. 13, the group will return to Sherman Oaks on Aug. 20, for three weeks of vacation prior to the fall term at Mar-Ken on Sept. 13.

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